We produce and supply various types of cenospheres and zeeospheres (ceramic microspheres), glass microbeads for blast cleaning and glass microspheres, as well as innovative products made from them.

Additionally, we develop ceramic microspheres and glass microspheres covered in polyurethane and metals such as silver and nickel.

The ceramic spheres, cenospheres, glass microbeads and glass microspheres vary in size from 0 to 850 micrometres.

We use the unique features of glass microspheres and microbeads that allow us to apply them to a wide variety of industrial uses, such as paint and coatings, construction and medicine as well as the production of refractory materials, plastics and rubber.

We offer the following products:

  • grey ceramic microspheres - 0-50, 5-75, 5-100, 0-150, 5-200, 5-500, 20-100, 56-100, 100-150, 100-200, 100-300, 100-500,150-180, 150-210, 150-250, 180-250, 250-500
      micron sieved fractions
  • white cenospheres - 0-75, 0-100, 0-150, 0-500, 5-500, 20-100, 56-100, 100-150, 100-200, 100-300, 100-500,150-180, 150-250, 180-250, 250-500
      micron sieved fractions
  • zeeospheres - 10, 20, 50, 70, 150, 250 micron sieved fractions
  • glass microbeads - 40-100, 100-315, 100-600, 200-450, 400-850 micron
  • high-temperature waterproof thermal insulation
  • next-generation energy-efficient thermal-insulated composite coverings


Our goal is to offer our clients innovative solutions in energy-efficient technology such is polyurethane- or metal-covered ceramic microspheres as well as unique and cutting-edge products made from ceramic and glass spheres and glass microbeads, with the goal of lowering production costs and improving the product properties of our clients' goods and products.

The annual volume of aluminosilicate microspheres supplied is around 10,000 tonnes, while shipments of 25- and 30-kg paper sacks as well as 500-kg big-bags are delivered by trucks, train and cargo containers.

Our prospective production programme concentrates on nano-structure polymer and metal coverings, as well as recycling technogenic waste.


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Сeramic microspheres, glass microspheres, glass microbeads